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Alternate When an agreement is signed between two or more states, each signatory keeps an official copy for him. Alternat refers to the principle that a separate state name should appear before the other signatory or signatory in its own official copy. It is a practice that was developed centuries ago to emphasize co-sensitivity. Recognition often used in the context of the recognition of one state by one state) the existence of another state (for example. B if a new state is formed) or 2) the existence of a government that has effective control over a state. The term “recognition of fact” means recognition that there is indeed a state or a state government, but it also means that full official recognition of that fact is retained. If the latter is extended, it is called “de jure recognition.” It is a distinction that is based more on diplomatic comfort than logic. International agreements on diplomatic immunity are included in the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. For example, the host state is not authorized to prosecute diplomats and must protect them with their families and property.

The main objective of the convention is to allow diplomats to carry out their work freely in the host state. They can only do so if they do not risk re-representing the government of the latter state. Recognising the importance of a supportive legal framework for the movement of people and goods and for the promotion of an ongoing business-friendly environment between them, the parties strive to agree with each other the broadest possible level of legal cooperation, particularly with regard to mutual legal assistance in civil and commercial matters, in accordance with their national legislation. Note exchange A common type of recording of an agreement. The content of the notes is of course agreed in advance by the two nations participating in the exchange. Extradition The term for the process, which is governed by official agreements, which send back refugees fleeing justice from a country where they have sought refuge. It does not apply to political crimes. Ad Referendum An agreement reached ad referendum means an agreement reached by the negotiators on the table, with the agreement of their governments. Treaty A formal agreement, binding on both sides, between countries. The term comes from the traitor to negotiate. Reaffirming its common commitment to normalize relations and promote stability through diplomatic engagement, enhanced economic cooperation and other close coordination, Assistance A message or other document that conveys a directive or instruction is “declassified” in an external office or a great message if all officials responsible for any of its specific aspects have signed their consent by the initialization. Some officers gain a reputation for insisting on changing everything that awaits them, if only in a minor way, and it is sometimes claimed that they would, even if it were in the Ten Commandments that would be submitted to them.

Conversely, others are sometimes so casual that their disclosure simply means that the document in question does not appear to be removed from their jurisdiction. An authorization procedure in one way or another is essential for proper coordination, but if it is excessive (as is often the case), it can be a stifling, tedious process and a curse of diplomatic life.

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