Apple Loops License Agreement

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The garage band software license agreement states that you will find, however, at the end of the legal agreement, that they will hold that generosity by adding that you cannot simply repackage and resell your samples. Let`s hope this sounds obvious, but don`t try to sell the loops directly to someone without at least trying to make it a unique music track. So don`t worry, you can make commercial music with GarageBand, you just can`t distribute loops like loops. The licensee owns the copyright to the composition itself, but does not own the samples and lunches, i.e. the licensee cannot claim ownership of our sounds or loops on YouTube, even if it is used in a track you own. Copyright in popular songs remains the intellectual property of the original rights holder who has granted us for this limited use. 5. The licensee is not liable if the sound samples do not correspond to the specific purpose of the licensee. The sound samples are “as we will see” licensed without any guarantee. Neither the licensee nor the distributor of the licensee`s products can be held liable for direct, indirect or consequential damage resulting from the use of sound samples in any form by Zero-G Limited. The licensee is not allowed to use the mix track demo files (or parts) or to recreate a similar copy of the demo mix track. (or their parts) Always keep your purchase receipt in a safe place.

If the licensee has purchased a product from one of the official digital stores, he can use the vocals, samples, patches, loops and kits included in his own musical productions (commercial or not) (but only in combination with other sounds) using samples and zero-G loops in your commercially published recordings. Because the garage strip is available for free to anyone who owns a Macbook or iPad, a large number of people now have access to it and all the free loops they provide. So there`s a good chance that someone else in the world has created a song with the same loop as the one you just did. So as long as you take the instruments or loops and use them to create a new single piece of music, you won`t have any problems. You can even publish the track and sell it to millions of people and make your fortune. For example, if you create your own loops or samples for sale on your website, including an Apple loop, that`s a big no. The use of illegal downloads of this product does NOT allow you to use our voices, samples, loops, midis and kits in your productions and publications. If you download our products illegally, you do not have a license to use Audentity Records products. Each country has its own unique copyright laws and other laws, so you may need to read the licensing agreement regarding your country of residence.

Audentity Records reserves the right to use sounds or samples in product videos and demo songs. It is the licensee`s responsibility to inform a third party that you are competing with your music by informing them that it has copyrighted sounds that are licensed. One of these alternatives is the garage strip produced by Apple since 2004 and which is now available in various forms on different Apple devices.

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