Bc Strategic Engagement Agreements

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AES with First Nations aims to encourage positive and respectful government to build government relations and to encourage B.C` investment climate. These agreements are used by the government to support the objectives of the new relationship and the transformation change agreement. On March 27, 2012, the Province of British Columbia (BC) signed a Strategic Engagement Agreement (AES) with Kaska Dena, followed by a signing ceremony on May 17, 2012 in the legislative branch of Victoria, BC. The official implementation date for the SEA was June 22, 2012. Strategic Agreements (AEAs) define mutually agreed consultation and accommodation procedures. THE ASS provides First Nations who are not in the contractual process with the opportunity to play a more active role in the decision-making process and develop a stronger government relationship with the province. The SEA is an agreement renewed every three years and renewed from March 2018 for its third term. It was extended for two years and is considered a transitional agreement for a higher reconciliation agreement between BC Province and Kaska Dena. The following First Nations have a strategic agreement: the SEA is a reconciliation agreement that has established mutually agreed consultation and accommodation procedures and provides capacity funding to Kaska Dena in British Columbia to participate more effectively in decision-making processes for countries, waters and resources. Thanks to the Sea, the creation of the Kaska Dena Natural Resources Council offers the opportunity to maintain a strong government relationship with the province on joint decision-making in the traditional Kaska Dena region. For First Nations as part of the contracting process, SAs can help put in place decision-making support mechanisms in a post-treaty environment.

The Department of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation is leading the province`s involvement in contracts and other negotiations with First Nations.

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