Buyer Representation Agreement Colorado

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Will your agent keep an eye on your best interests? Many buyers believe that brokers are all equal, except for personality traits and experience. It`s no wonder so many people have had bad experiences with real estate agents. A large part of them comes down to whether the agent is an effective communicator or not. As a buyer, you can`t know everything that`s involved in a transaction and what you need to pay attention to. Therefore, you create trust in the agent you work with to guide you through the process and who has your best interests in mind, right? But guess what? It`s becoming more and more common for agents not to keep your best interests in mind. Let`s go, right? Section 3.6 of the Treaty defines the duration of the contract. During the offer period, you will be represented by this agent and no one else. In the past, all real estate agents represented only the seller, including the broker, who worked with the buyer. This led to serious and obvious conflicts of interest and was generally not good for the buyer! Indeed, if the agents represent the seller, how could the buyer negotiate the best possible price or the repairs that may need to be made on the property? These problems and conflicts of interest persist in situations where a buyer negotiates with a “By Owner” seller or cooperates with a seller`s listing agent because they call them from the court sign, newspaper ad, or other advertisements.

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