Caroline Herschel Framework Partnership Agreement

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costs of financial assistance to third parties under the conditions set out in the grant agreement for such funding; Taxes, taxes and taxes paid by the beneficiary, provided they are included in eligible direct costs, unless otherwise stated in the agreement. The total budget for co-financing projects is estimated at EUR 1,000,000 per specific grant agreement. The duration of the Framework Partnership Agreement is four years between 2017 and 2021. The Commission`s financial support must not exceed 85% of the eligible costs. They are necessary for the implementation of the action or work programme, in accordance with the description of the action attached to the grant agreement; The companies involved are mentioned in the grant agreement; The final grant agreement is signed by each applicant. It is also signed by the designated coordinator, provided that a power has been granted to that body (Annex IV of the proposed grant agreement). b) The governance system, which consists of the internal agreement of the consortium and a programme of cooperation between the consortium, the bodies entrusted by Copernicus and the Commission, has also identified several areas in which UK environmental actors clearly have the opportunity to use Copernicus data to meet their needs, but whether new directions and training make a real difference in doing so effectively and effectively. We will focus on the following areas of knowledge: (ii) agreement with other agencies with the aim of distorting competition; (a) establishing a partnership through a framework partnership agreement; Caroline Hershel`s VPA members are invited to conclude an internal cooperation agreement covering at least the following aspects: welcoming activities for national and international users, commercial solutions and innovative products and applications. The FPCUP supports the following four types of actions: costs arising directly from the requirements of the grant agreement (information dissemination, specific assessment of the action, audits, translations, reproduction), including the cost of the financial guarantees requested, provided that the corresponding services are purchased according to the terms of the implementation contracts; A selection process must be organised before the partnership is created.

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