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In his report, Ready said it would be an “euphemism” to say that the negotiations are “difficult and sometimes controversial.” He said the two sides “worked hard” during the conciliation to resolve their differences, but that the discussions were “mainly met with some employment security issues, the duration of the agreement and economic increases.” A collective agreement is an employment contract between employers and unions, negotiated through collective bargaining and signed by both parties. The current UNW collective agreement can be accessed online. In a September 2019 newsletter distributed to the 800 educators represented by the NWTTA, Oliver said the current collective agreement had not increased teachers in the first two years and had increased by 1% over the past two years. However, in September 2019, Fraser informed the NNSL that, since the negotiation of the last collective agreements in 2016, two key issues had been addressed: violence in the classroom and teacher retention. Each party to the negotiations appoints a negotiator and a negotiating team. Each party develops a proposal that outlines what it wants to achieve during the negotiations. The parties then meet in person, exchange proposals, examine and discuss the various elements of each party`s proposal. This can be a very long process, as each party needs time to check whether each element of the other party`s proposal can be agreed upon. During negotiations, each party may decide to withdraw or modify elements of its proposal and accept the other party`s proposals. If an agreement is reached on each point, it will be signed by both parties.

“Negotiating a new collective agreement can be difficult under ideal conditions. The current fiscal and economic environment has been an additional challenge,” Finance Minister Robert C. McLeod said in the communication. GNWT is committed to the sustainability of public finances; We want to negotiate fair and affordable agreements. Our spending growth should not exceed our revenue growth. The current collective agreement also launched the initiative to strengthen the practice of teacher teaching (Stip), which redirected 100 hours of teaching time to teachers` personal planning time. Stewart also said the government would check how negotiations failed to improve their process in two years – the next time the collective agreement is under discussion.

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