Concession Agreement Bangalore Airport

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Most of the work is now at different stages of completion. The completed works include the roof, the front and rear glass fa├žade and the side walls. In addition, the installation of escalators, glass elevator racks, steel structures for retail and duty-free dealerships, baggage handling work (departure area) and installation of the three structure supports of the merry-go-round are completed. Work in progress includes granite flooring, granite pavement of columns and various facilities, including boarding decks, the fixed link bridge connecting the terminal, as well as fire detectors and light fixtures. BIAL has completed the Hague Plan (ARP). This plan ensures that all major and secondary processes are in place at an airport and that all agencies involved in implementing these processes are put in place, trained and tested before the airport`s opening date. Obtaining the corresponding licences from the airport is also a decisive function for the operation of the airport. To do this, manuals must be established, i.e. safety, emergencies and maintenance, all of which are about to be completed.

In addition, the Safety Management System (SMS) manual has been finalized and submitted for approval to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). On the basis of the schedule, the licensing process, which includes certification of the above-mentioned manuals by the DGCA and the Civil Aviation Safety Board (BCAS), will begin at the end of September 2007. Are these people asking hal to reopen the streets that go to the entrance to the airport? It could barely make room for 100 cars and 2 full landings can flood the entire area until it is unrecognizable. Heavy traffic jams on the old airport road during rush hour will lead to already terrible traffic jams. Planning a new airport on Mysore Road is the best way forward. Construction of the airport began on July 2, 2005 and will last 33 months, including the trial phase. Bangalore`s new international airport is scheduled to open on April 2, 2008. Current progress is very good and construction is on track (see panel 1). It took almost a decade from the land allocation phase to the acquisition until the signing of shareholder contracts in January 2002 and finally, the start of work. By the time BIAL was to negotiate the legal framework (see Panel 2), the Indian government had already planned to privatize other airports. As the first private airport, BIAL had to create the appropriate precedents for other private airports, so that all agreements, such as the concession agreement and the CNS ATM agreement, had to be concluded with care. “Another aspect to consider is that during the Aero show, which takes place every two years, the airport`s activities are severely affected.

The Aero show is important to the state, so HAL could reduce the pressure during this period,” the official added. A new or existing airport cannot be operated as a national or international airport within a 150 km radius. The Indian government, represented by the Ministry of Civil Aviation, supports equal treatment and non-discrimination at all international airports and a permanent renewal of the bilateral agreement. BIAL considers the airport to be a thriving destination with commercial real estate development. People will come here not only to take flights, but also to relax, do business and shop.

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