Does Delta And American Have A Baggage Agreement

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Delta: Delta checks luggage from ATL to LAX to NRT. Fortunately, is there a way to find out which airlines have interline agreements with other (and which) airlines? Some agents were told that Airline X could not reroute me to Airline Y because they didn`t agree just to be rerouted to Y after talking to another agent! I`m sure it would be nice to be armed with pro-avtively info interline. Delta checks a passenger`s baggage between the original airport and the destination airport, which are issued only with an individual or conjunkt ticket. If Delta is issued on a ticket, delta will continue to drop off baggage to the destination of Interline routes. If a second ticket is presented for travel, Delta will only check the baggage to the destination of Delta tickets. Baggage can be claimed at the delta destination of the ticket and then checked by the customer with the online carrier for the next flight. Flyertalker Oxymore finds in April 2014 that not so long ago, a Delta agent left Delta`s luggage at Air France on separate tickets, allowing you to check in with a Skyteam partner and get a nice YMMV agent. An Interline agreement only authorizes the sale of tickets with several airlines and allows an airline to re-assess you with another airline in case of irregular flights. When separate tickets are issued in separate PNR tickets, the customer`s baggage is checked in to the final destination of the American 001 ticket. The customer is responsible for the baggage fee on the second ticket when the baggage is re-checked by the oneworld airline.

This may include exiting the secure area to claim the luggage and check it again. International flights may require customs clearance and re-examination of the other carrier to the final destination. In September 2015, American and Delta terminated their Interline agreement. An interline agreement is one of the lowest levels of cooperation between airlines, as it is less involved than a joint venture, alliance, partnership or codeshare agreement. As far as public fares are concerned, the traveller is obliged to fly the contracting airline.

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