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There are many other nuances about the use of overtime credit contracts, and I strongly recommend taking advice in advance on this topic or, at the very least, exploring the “Means Agreements” fact sheet on the B.C. 2 website. The employer and the worker enter into a two-week funding agreement with a total work schedule of 90 hours. The agreement is not valid because the average working time exceeds 40 per week. Therefore, The Act s.40 would apply to the calculation of overtime. b) the timing of the agreement in point (a) iv) and points 3) and c) the worker receives a copy of the agreement before the date on which the deadline specified in the agreement begins. A more detailed description of the funding agreement provisions is available in ESA Section 37. For more information, please see the following guidelines for employment standards agencies: a fact sheet on funding agreements, a deviation sheet and interpretive guidelines for funding agreements. This section allows an employer and a worker to reach a written agreement on average working time over a period of one to four weeks. Qualification and related calculations for overtime and rest periods are included in this section.

A financing contract must be signed by the employer and the employee before the start date. It also means that the employee must receive a copy before the agreement takes effect. Funding agreements should not be subject to the employment standards branch. Workers who work on average from an average working time of more than one week must either receive 32 consecutive hours for each week on average or receive 1.5 times their normal wage for working time, instead of working without work. Vi. The expiry date may be valid for any period of time, but the expiry date must be indicated in the agreement. (14) The application and operation of a funding agreement under this section cannot be construed as a derogation as described in Section 4. Although there is no mandatory format for an overtime credit agreement (and the agreement does not have to be submitted to the employment industry), some requirements must be met.

In the agreement, there are… Note: Overtime salaries earned under a s.37 financing agreement may be transferred to the bank in accordance with Law s.42.

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