Geek Squad Agreement

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So I had big problems with my laptop, I thought Geek Kader`s online support would help. But no, they`re useless. It took me five minutes to tell myself that they could not help. WOW, THAT`S ALMOST IT. You`re even FASTER taking your money every month, but SO SLOW when it comes to helping their customers. Question? What do you call online support if you`re not even HELP the ppl who are online? How not to associate yourself with charm. You may want to do something about it. No one wants to be in this pandemic and you decide not to help me. Many things have given me no choice but to leave my home. Thanks for being the worst online support team I`ve ever put on. Even companies around the world have better support teams than you GEEK SQUAD! In 2002, Geek Squad attempted to block the registration of the new England competitor Geek Housecalls brand during a series of legal threats and challenges to competitors with “Geek” on their behalf, which claimed that it had violated their trademarks.

When Geek Housecalls refused to defend itself, Geek Squad filed a civil suit. After two years of fighting, Geek Squad and Geek Housecalls have reached an out-of-court settlement whose details cannot be disclosed under the terms of the agreement, except to say that Geek Housecalls has kept its name. [22] NOW, LET ME START WITH YOU CAN`T FIX MY COMPUTER. INSTEAD, DON`T TELL THE VALUE IT JUST BUY ANOTHER ONE WITH YOU. Then they doubled me for my annual package of geek executives. They tell me that they see that I had an account that was supposed to be active because it was less than a year old, but it is not certain why it is not active. Then I`ll pay it back. Then they try to call me to renew the plan weeks later with an automated message saying they click on a number to authorize payment.

So I`m going to pay over $500 for not even being able to fix my computer. I ask them to pass on data. They`re doing it. They just don`t decrypt it, so at least it`s understandable. That`s impressive. Con Artist. I bought my refrigerator, washing machine and tumble dryer, kitchen hood, baking sheet, installed in the Best Buy oven with an additional five-year warranty in 2015. I have problems with my fridge since I bought it.

Geek Squad or LG has replaced my compressor twice, and I still have problems with that. Geeks have this directive to repair an appliance three times before proposing a replacement. I had a technician who came several times to solve this Geek Squad problem, but no result. I actually had a technician take a look at my fridge a few weeks ago (end of September 2020), who took a look at it and hit a replacement. But Geek Kader says I have to follow him with LG, and when I call LG, they say I have to have a rating from Geek Squad that gives a replacement.

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