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UnionPay International (UPI) focuses on the international activities of UnionPay, a global payment brand that serves the world`s largest cardholder base. UnionPay is now one of the world`s fastest growing payment networks, with more than 7 billion cards issued in 48 countries and regions, more than 51 million merchants and 2.57 million ATMs that UnionPay accepts in 170 countries and regions. Worldwide, UnionPay has more than 700,000 merchants who accept QR code payments. “Through the introduction of a simplified online registration procedure, the initiative aims to encourage many of the approximately 500,000 Tier 4 distributors (with a turnover of less than 12 million.RM per year) to use e-payment offers,” she added. “This will be truly unique for GHL, as it will be the only Malaysian company that will be able to offer naless Payment Acceptance to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), as well as the opportunity to earn additional revenue from e-pay products and services,” said GHL. Under the agreement, GHL dealers can offer their customers a staggered payment solution to pay for online purchases with an existing credit card, by splitting the fee into monthly and no-fee payments. After integration into GHL`s payment systems, any merchant can move easily and quickly with Splitit via a simple selection in a live GHL drop-down menu. About GHL GHL Systems Berhad (“GHL”) is ASEAN`s leading payment services provider with key operations in Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia and Australia. GHL offers first-rate payment services and solutions, including physical, internet and mobile payments on a sales, rental or transaction basis, and is one of the region`s commercial buyers. “GHL`s revenues come from terminal rates for rent and dealer rebates, which will last as long as GHL distributors declare acceptance of the cards as tPA to CIMB BANK,” GHL said in a statement released yesterday. GHL is one of the leading acquirers in the ASEAN region and processes through its network of large and small traders in different sectors an online and offline transaction value of more than AUD 350 million per month, with particular strength in the travel sector.

In the Philippines, a number of UnionPay credit, debit and prepaid cards are issued by Banco de Oro, Bank of China, Omnipay, Philippine National Bank and RCBC Bankard. UnionPay International is working with major local buyers in the Philippines to enable the acceptance of cards for online distributors and pos distributors. UnionPay cards are accepted at retail, lifestyle, hospitality and R and R distributors. B. An der Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE: GHLSYS), GHL Systems Berhad is accredited by serious organizations and governing bodies such as VISA, Mastercard, JCB, UPI and Alipay.

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