Gts Labour Agreement

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The issue of labour market testing requirements is a major concern for the MTAA and its members and its components, as the LMT requirements contain methods largely abandoned by most automotive industries. 4.14 Stakeholders who have called for further enhanced labour market testing have argued that, in certain circumstances, employers circumvent the intent of the LMT requirements, including: 4.58 Of the five DAMAs currently in force, all details of the agreement are only available to the public with respect to the Northern Territory DAMA. [62] 4.37 The Committee expressed stakeholder concerns in the areas of higher education, technology and medical research that the maximum allowable period between the end of the labour market review and the appointment of visas (currently set at four months) was too short. [36] According to immigration policy, another type of employment contract (for example. B, a company-specific agreement) would generally not be available when a company is active in an area already covered by one of the aforementioned branch agreements. Individual applications in such cases must be approved by the Minister of Immigration. An employment contract enters into force if it is signed by all parties to the negotiations and is generally valid for three years. 4.35 The National Farmers Federation (NFF) argued that the LMT advertising requirements were “fundamentally wrong” because they do not provide an accurate representation of local demand for agricultural jobs. It found that labour market testing is “generally a difficult process for low-yielding farmers.” In particular, given the labour shortage, their industry is a well-known problem and should not be proven. [33] 4.80 The Committee was not persuaded by the arguments of some sectors that labour market testing is not necessary for their industries. Labour market testing provides evidence of a shortage of skilled labour in a given sector. If this evidence is properly implemented, the arguments that some sectors must continue to face a shortage of skilled labour and use the qualified visa system to fill vacancies will increase.

The Committee also supports the need to maintain existing requirements that labour market testing should be necessary to extend visas when workers reside with their current employer.

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