Iran Trade Agreements With Canada

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On Monday, the Iranian-Canadian Congress issued a statement calling on the Trudeau government to “express its strong commitment” to the Iran deal and to cooperate with European allies to ensure the survival of the Iran nuclear deal, whatever action the Trump administration might take to undermine the historic agreement. In 2016, the federal government lifted sanctions against Iran in accordance with the terms of the agreement. It allowed Canadian companies to do business with Iran, but it still had restrictions on the export of nuclear goods and technologies that could help Tehran develop ballistic missiles. The Iranian authorities insisted that her death was accidental and claimed that she had died of a stroke during her interrogation. Shahram Azam, a former military doctor, said he was examining Kazemi`s body and seeing obvious signs of torture, including a fractured skull, a broken nose, signs of rape and severe abdominal bruises. This information was revealed in the Von Azam case for the 2004 Canadian refugee claim[13] On September 7, 2012 (at the 2012 APEC Russia Summit), Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird announced that Canada was severing diplomatic relations with Iran. [26] Canada severed diplomatic relations with Iran and concluded its embassy in Tehran on the basis of the Iranian regime`s material support for the Assad regime during the Syrian civil war, the non-compliance with UN resolutions on its nuclear program, the continuing threats to Israel and the security fears of Canadian diplomats after attacks on the British Embassy in Iran. , in violation of the Vienna Convention. [27] In addition, Canada has formally listed the Iranian regime as a public sponsor of terrorism under the Justice for Victims of Terrorism Act. [28] The Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade has advised all Canadians not to travel to Iran. [29] Consular services would be provided by the Canadian Embassy in Ankara, Turkey, and the Departmental Emergency Observation and Response Centre. [27] Ten Canadian diplomats had already left Iran when Canada announced the closure of its embassy. [30] This step was a new step for Canada to isolate Iran in addition to economic sanctions.

[31] On September 26, 2012, the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs advised all Iranians not to travel to Canada due to the rise of Islamophobia and Iranophobia. In addition, the Ministry stated that these were cases of arrests and expulsions of Iranian expatriates under various pretexts and that Iranians were deprived of the fundamental right to continue their ordinary activities, including the right of access to their bank accounts and ordinary transactions, as well as the fact that Iranians are murdered but are not subject to significant investigation by the Canadian police. [41] [42] Canada and Iran have not had formal diplomatic relations since 2012.

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