Managed Account Agreement Template

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6 page ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS 12.1 Calendar of this contract contains detailed summary information on specific issues relating to the manager`s operations and issues related to his account management, including any conflicts of interest that the manager may have in the management of the account. The client acknowledges that he has received the information in Schedule and accepts the management of the manager`s account in accordance with the policies and questions described in Schedule: Ni Sections (a) (b) (c) (e) (e) The manager`s policies regarding the use of brokerage commissions paid by the Account See disclosure requested by NI; The manager`s policies regarding the equitable sharing of investment opportunities between clients, the account and all other discretionary accounts, including pool funds managed by sections 14.3 and NI; [The status of the related issuer between the trustee and the pooled funds and the essential relationship between the manager and other filers, as these relationships relate to sections 13.4 and 13.6 of the NI account;] [The terms and conditions for ni`s account area]; [The names of issuers linked to the administrator and pool funds in which the securities of these issuers may be invested by NI Sections 13.4 and 13.6]; [The identity of all issuers for which the director and senior executives of the officer or employee of the associate officer, public servant or director is Section 13.5 of NI ] In accordance with securities law and, where appropriate, the client acknowledges and accepts that the manager makes investments on behalf of the issuers or uses the services of the related filers listed in Schedule. The client confirms receipt of the information presented to Schedule regarding the management of the manager`s account and the relationship that will be concluded between the manager and the client after the execution of this contract. This information complements the terms of this agreement and must be provided by the administrator in accordance with applicable securities legislation.

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