Mlse Collective Agreement

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Alberta (along with Manitoba and Nova Scotia) has strike definitions based on grounds that require that the work stoppage be due to collective bargaining under pressure on the employer. As a result, a work stoppage to protest police racism in these provinces would not fall within the definition of a “strike.” Workers working in provinces who have left their jobs to protest police brutality could violate their collective agreements, which require them to come forward when they are scheduled and possibly discipline them, but they would not be involved in an illegal strike in violation of the law. They accept, they remain harmless. and defend MLSE, the National Hockey League (the “NHL”), the National Basketball Association (“NBA,” Major League Soccer (“MLS”), the American Hockey League (“AHL”) and the National Basketball Association D-League (THE NHL, NBA, MLS, AHL and NBA D-League, as “League” and members of the leagues, any party to the use, creation, production or provision of services (including services) , and each of their executives, owners, directors, shareholders, partners, contractors, representatives, employees, general partners and sponsors, entitled and transfers of and against all claims, claims, damages, commitments, judgments, fines, interest, penalties, losses, expenses and damages, including, without limitation, that is out of use or in connection with (i) your use of services (including, not limited to your user content and your use of MLSE content) , (ii) your online conduct in relation to services, (iii) your violation or violation of these conditions, (iv) your non-compliance with applicable laws or regulations regarding services, v) your negligence, wilful misconduct or violation of intellectual property or any other rights related to a person`s services or other rights resulting from the use of the services. You cannot settle such a claim without MLSE`s prior written consent.

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