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(b) The Contractor shall continue to perform the Contract as amended, except that, in the case of reimbursement or incremental financing contracts, the Contractor is not required to continue the performance or incur costs in excess of the limits set out in the “cost limitation” or “resource limitation” clause (see 32.706-2). Contracts for non-commercial items. The amending clause is the cornerstone of the government`s ability to amend a contract for non-commercial items. It gives the government unparalleled authority in awarding contracts in the private sector. This clause allows the government to make unilateral amendments to the contract without the contractor needing the contractor`s agreement. The fact that the car was not there does not give the party the right not to try to rent another car. (a) bilateral. A bilateral amendment (amendment) is an amendment to the contract signed by the contractor and the procuring entity. Bilateral modifications are used- By Vern Edwards on Tuesday, June 11, 2002 – 11:36 a.m.: Anon from 6:11 a.m. to 9:48 a.m.m: The standard clause is not allowed to authorize the contractor to continue working under a revised delivery plan, unless the delay is excusable. FAR 49.402-4 (a), however, authorizes a contractual controller to authorize a contractor to continue the service in accordance with a revised delivery plan. By Vern Edwards on Wednesday, June 12, 2002 – 07:10: Eric: A few things: 1. The October 83 edition of SF30 probably mentions FAR because the FAR were published in the Federal Register in September 1983, although it did not come into force until April 1984.

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