Mutual Consent Divorce Settlement Agreement

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Once you have collected and signed all the necessary documents, you should bring 3 copies to the courthouse, with cash or a checkbook to pay the deposit fee (the court does not currently accept credit cards). Some Maryland counties allow lawyers and parties to come forward electronically, which can speed up the process. The current registration fee for a divorce at mutual consent is $165 plus representation fees if you are represented by a lawyer. The three copies and registration fees are addressed to the Circuit Family Department in your County Courthouse. A copy will be filed in court. The other two are processed by the clerk and returned to you and/or your spouse for your registrations and service. If you are seeking a divorce with the agreement of both parties, you are essentially working with your spouse to reach an agreement without the supervision of a judge. Once an agreement has been reached, both of you (along with your respective divorce lawyers) will submit the agreement to the judge and ask that these conditions be taken into account in your divorce judgment. No divorce should be a bitter struggle for children, home or boarding school. If you and your spouse can agree on the terms of your divorce, divorce proceedings in Maryland can help you resolve your case faster, cheaper and with more dignity. You don`t have to do it alone. Under the old Maryland law, couples can only file for divorce if the reasons for the error are proven or after a continuous separation period of 12 months. Since Maryland`s divorce law was passed in 2015, couples have been able to file for divorce without having to justify their separation or fault.

More recently, Maryland has allowed couples with minor children who were in common to use mutual consent. What kind of divorce do I need? There are two types of divorces in Maryland. Watch a video about divorce types. It is recommended that you meet with an experienced family law lawyer before seeking divorce from Maryland for mutual consent or signing a settlement agreement. While you and your spouse agree with each other that divorce should take place, when it comes to making the above decisions, disagreements usually occur. That`s why it`s a good thing you have a Maryland lawyer by your side to help you and your ex-spouse reach an effective agreement.

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