Mutual Recognition Agreement Of International Accreditation Forum

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The accreditation mark of a undersigned body, affixed to inspection or inspection reports, compliance and calibration certificates, acts as a kind of passport for international markets. A sign of accreditation for a product, a service or for a professional person allows the movement without the need for another type of control. APAC MRA is a regional network of compliance assessment agencies (for example. B laboratories, control bodies, certification bodies, etc.) accredited by peer-reviewed accreditation bodies and recognized as competent by their peers in other economies. This network facilitates the acceptance of compliance assessment results across the region and thus helps facilitate trade and the free trade goal “once tested/tested/certified, accepted everywhere.” IAF ML 1:2016 A guide for the exchange of documentation between MLA signatories for the evaluation of compliance assessment agencies (number 3, published January 08, 2016); Application of January 08, 2016) Describes the procedures for exchanging documents between accreditation bodies that are members of the IAF MLA when these documents, issued by the original accreditation body, are required for review in the context of evaluation activities related to the granting, maintenance, renewal, reduction, suspension and withdrawal of accreditation by the recipient accreditation body. This document does not require the exchange of documents for IAF accreditation bodies. EA MLA is internationally recognized by the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation), the two global federations of accreditation bodies. One of the main objectives of the international accreditation network is the mutual recognition of the services and results of accredited organizations, in order to avoid technical obstacles and multiple accreditations. The Multilateral Agreement (GCA) is an agreement between accreditation bodies that recognizes the equivalence and reliability of accreditations and compliance assessment results accredited in the signatory region. GwG membership is based on the peer review of each candidate for GWG membership and ongoing monitoring of each member, to ensure and certify that all GWG members carry out their accreditation programs and implement the guidelines consistently and in the same way. The certified compliance assessment results of these compliance assessment agencies are accepted throughout the Asia-Pacific region and internationally.

One of APAC`s main tasks is to expand the APAC Mutant Recognition Arrangement (MRA) and harmonize accreditation practices in the region. Currently, 47 of APAC`s 64 members are MRA signatories and APAC members. Since September 2019, full members of APAC: IAF ML 2:2016 General Principles on the Use of the IAF MLA Mark (issue 3, published May 11, 2016; Request from May 11, 2016) This document outlines the principles for the use of the IAF MLA logo by the signatories of the IAF MLA and CABs accredited by the signatories of the IAF MLA accreditation body. APAC MRA signatories are full members of APAC. As APAC is a regional cooperation recognized by the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC), most APAC signatories are also recognized under the IAF International Multilateral Ener (MLA) and ILAC MRA. Mutual recognition of the accredited results of the compliance assessment will be extended to most regions of the world, beyond the Asia-Pacific region.

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