Paris Agreement Scientists

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The widespread failure to combat the existential threat of climate change has led more than 11,000 scientists from 153 countries to sign a “World Scientists” Warning of a Climate Emergency declaration. Whatever the report on climate promises, the statement begins: “Scientists have a moral obligation to clearly warn humanity of any catastrophic threat and to say it as it is.” If the United States actually denounces the Paris agreement, it will not significantly impede global climate progress, but it will harm both the American economy and society. China and Europe have already become world leaders on the road to green development and will strengthen their position if the United States lags behind at the national level. However, innovative countries such as California, the world`s sixth largest economy, will continue to take action to combat climate change. The people of Washington around Trump are hiding in the trenches of the past instead of building the future. They do not realize that the climate wars are over, while the race for sustainable prosperity continues. It is true that federal politics is just a piece of cake, not even the biggest. Over the past decade, cities, states and the private sector have probably played an even more important role in the design of technological innovation, the energy mix and CO2 emissions in the United States, even within the framework of a proactive federal climate policy. But Mr. Trump`s announcement sends a strong message that the United States would prefer to be one of two nations in the world that are not interested in preventing “dangerous attacks of anthropoy in the climate system.” This other nation? War-shaken Syria. (Note that Nicaragua is also excluded from the agreement – but in this case it is because it wants to do more, not less.) WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The vast majority of national commitments in the 2015 Paris agreement are not enough to avoid the worst effects of global warming, scientists said on Tuesday, citing the world`s largest greenhouse gases such as those that need to step up their efforts.

The bulk of the 2030 CO2 emission reduction commitments, made by 184 countries under the Paris Agreement, are far from enough to keep global warming well below 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit (2 degrees Celsius). Some countries will not meet their commitments and some of the world`s largest CO2 emitters will increase their emissions further, according to a group of world-class climate scientists. As painful as it may be for the proponents of the agreement, the recognition that it is not perfect must also be part of the response to this proposal to renegotiate the terms of US participation. Some will undoubtedly see this as a diversion. Others would say that even starting negotiations would be to give Trump an undeserved political “victory.” But if we think beyond 2020, we will eventually figure out how to make the agreement more effective and acceptable to nations, businesses and individuals with large fossil fuel reserves – or the United States will not be the last to pull out of the agreement. The Paris agreement is far from perfect and one of its problems, as we see now, is the absence of a real sanction for withdrawal. Talking about trade sanctions is just an exaggeration and the last thing the world needs right now. But maybe it`s time to think of a simple product label: “Made in and sourced from regions that support the Paris climate agreement.” Since California and Oregon insist that they comply with the terms of the Paris Agreement, we could then have an interesting discussion about whether and how this could be put on California orange juice – or the computer containing Intel chips.

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