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If you`re not currently on an organization`s preferred lender list, you may be wondering how you can do that. You need to answer the following questions: Having your business on a favorite credit list has some advantages. Expect to do your homework to find out what you need to do to get such a contract. If you know that an organization already has a preferred supplier contract with another party, you should be prepared to impress your potential customer if you want to win a contract with them. Ideally, the venue of the event would be transparent. The venue representative would explain that you must use your preferred credit pointer, since the creditor paid for the privilege. But you should not expect this level of transparency. Conference organizers often use preferred supplier agreements and there are some pros and cons. For example, venues and event providers often hide details about their trade agreements. Often, there is no transparency with customers. One of the worst aspects of preferred supplier agreements is how they are often sold to event professionals. For example, event venues will often show their perfect and excellent suppliers with descriptions they place online or in brochures. You can describe them as “superior,” “hand-picked,” or “excellent.” Unfortunately, the fact that event and meeting professionals and clients simply accept these claims without knowing if they are actually true can lead to a disappointing experience.

Large organizations may enter into preferential supplier contracts with venues, hotels and other suppliers for the following reasons: in exchange for these assurances, organizations generally receive special treatment, including lower prices. Large companies prefer to design these agreements themselves rather than use the lender or hotel contract. If you are a supplier without an up-to-date preferred lender agreement, don`t expect the organizations you are targeting to use your standard internal agreement. As a consumer, you can try to use your own supplier, but it might be impossible or too expensive to do so. In this situation, you may face many difficult decisions and none of them seem to be good. The best thing you can do is talk and demand for yourself to see exactly how the organization chooses its favorite suppliers. Request to look beyond contracts and pay attention to the fine print. The downside of a lender agreement is that, if it is forced to choose from a very small number of lenders, it can get a subparen service and pay more. Suppliers and locations that have a market stall and who, without competition, may not feel compelled to provide the best possible service. These agreements often have a wear and tear clause that ensures that the organization meets contractual obligations. B, such as the provision of food, drinks and withdrawal rates.

This reduces the risk and exposure of the supplier. Basically, expect to do a lot of research on business. It can be long and tedious to do all these homework, but it is important if you want to win the contract. If you are meeting with a potential customer, you should at least know this about your business: A good starting point is to start with someone you know in the organization. Be careful, however, not to jump directly into it. First, you need to understand what the organization needs. If the company intends to keep their trade agreements secret, they may resort to some unsenterious practices. If this is the case, the end user – usually the meeting planner – is the one who suffers.

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