Remittance Service Agreement

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Customers who send money to an account in Colombia for loans must ensure that their recipient has activated automatic credits (“Abono Autom├ętico”) with their bank before the sender adds the “Credit on Bill” method to their ExpressSend service agreement. This service is not available on Bodega Aurrera Express websites. If PayPal is aware of a security incident related to the processing of the customer`s data and there is a reasonable likelihood of having a significant impact on a substantial portion of the PayPal systems related to payment processing services available to you, PayPal, in accordance with data protection legislation: a) inform you immediately and immediately of the security incident; and (b) take immediate and appropriate steps to minimize damage and ensure the security of customer data. This agreement contains the full agreement and the parties` understanding of the purpose contained and replaces all agreements, promises, pacts, agreements, communications, assurances or advance guarantees, whether orally orally, by an officer, a partner, a staff member or a representative of a party. This agreement binds the parties and their respective rights holders and the approved beneficiaries of the assignment and applies only in the interest. No provision in this agreement, either express or tacit, is intended to confer or confer rights or remedies on persons or entities who are not parties to this agreement, within the framework or under this agreement. This money transfer agreement is entered into by [Agreement.CreatedDate] of and between [Sender.Name], the supplier and [Client.Name] the customer. 3.3 Confidentiality. Braintree ensures that its client data processing staff is informed of the confidentiality of customer data, that it has received appropriate training on their responsibilities, and that it has entered into written confidentiality agreements. Braintree ensures that these confidentiality obligations survive the termination of staff engagement. IN WITNESSS WHEREOF, the parties listed below enter into this transfer of funds agreement and agree to apply and comply with its terms and conditions as long as it remains in force. CONSIDERING that the customer wishes to use the provider`s money transfer services to transfer money electronically, and that the provider wishes to provide such services as part of this money transfer agreement, you agree to receive calls and sms messages recorded automatically or in advance of PayPal to the phone number you provided to us or which we have otherwise received to inform you of your account; (ii) recover a debt; (iii) dispute resolved; (iv) contact via exclusive offers; or (v) to the extent necessary to serve your account or enforce the agreement. Standard phone and text charges can be generated.

1.1 We look at these terms, the transfer of funds and our price list, in order to define the whole agreement between you and us for the execution of the transfer of funds. The International Money Transfer Service is a service that the Bank offers to the customer and all the rights and obligations of the customer under the International Money Transfer Service and transfer operations (including money transfer requests, including cancellation and cancellation) are generated and transferred only between the customer and the bank. Alliance partners, Payment Centers and Receivers`Bank are only responsible for assisting the bank in providing its services to the customer and are not and will not participate in a transaction with the customer. This payment agreement from Braintree and the agreements it contains, Policies and documents (`agreement`) are entered into by and between PayPal, Inc., a Delaware company with an address of 2211 North First Street, San Jose, CA 95131 (“Braintree,” “PayPal,” “us” or “unser”) and the entity or person entering into the agreement (“Merchant” or “You”).

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