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A brand new building was built in Meadway as part of a Private Financing Initiative (PFI) agreement between the London Borough of Richmond and a private financial company. This is the Early Years Centre, which jointly hosts the Infant School`s reception classes and a privately run kindergarten, Bright Horizons. Under the same agreement, the original buildings have been renovated and expanded and house our Y1 and Y2 classes on the Gothic side of the site and the Y3, 4, 5 and 6 classes on the elmsleigh road side of the site. Today is the first day of distance learning for our members and their students. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them once again for the hard work you have done for the students of Regina Public during the pandemic. If you change your teaching strategies and practices further, we want you to know that we see you, that we value them and that we will continue to commit to you. On Thursdays, we invite you to 1-hour MINT workshops. While they are registered in advance, our scientific team is available to answer your questions via SMS and Twitter under the hashtag #CouchPotatoLab! The other part of our evening will be a zoom-call with guests to celebrate our new teachers and pay tribute to our special service recipients for this year. While we want this ceremony to be held in person, we recognize that this is not an option at this time and we did not want to cancel this important event.

To commit ourselves to teachers, there will be times when we will have to take risks, exceed the limits and exceed our comfort zones. Share with our fellow administrators or any educator who wants to have more strategies in their toolbox when faced with difficult situations. . 8 EXECUTIVE – Hospitality Room – Responsible for the selection of themes and services to offer hospitality to other STF members at the Annual Council Meeting in the spring. The committee`s commitment: de minimis; Planning and shopping before the spring meeting. Long Service Award – Responsible for selecting the annual recipient of the RPSTA Long Service Award, awarded annually to a former member who has made a significant contribution to the RPSTA in the past. Commission engagement: executive decision. While a very important election is taking place today in the south of us, regina also has a very important election! . Proposal of ISM-NVA elections – Spring elections events for the current mandate of the board of directors ends June 30, 2014 Must allow the new board of directors until June 20, 2014.

Our November meeting is today at 4:15 p.m.! Check your personal email for agenda and zoom-link, as they were sent Friday to Assembly Reps for each school. Didn`t receive the email? Please contact us! Do you want to become a representative for your school? Send us a message, we would like to help! . Make sure you take care of yourself and your families in these difficult times. Accessed your benefits today before they are shaken up at the end of the year! November 9, 2020 is election day in Regina, but the primaries are now open! The vote will take place for our mayor, city councillors and school board administrators. Read here the information on applications for these positions: www.regina.ca/elections/whos-running/ We look forward to comments on our news, our efforts to represent interests and content. We encourage everyone… who wants to know more about the roles of the RPSTA and how you can help your colleagues and students contact us! If you join one of our amazing committees, you will be the Rep Assembly or you will run for a place on our local executive.

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