Self Drive Rental Agreement

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In addition, the lease can be automatically terminated as soon as YOKS is informed of these measures by the legal authorities or by you. PsC has the absolute right to pay the rent of the vehicle on an agreed date or not to violate the tenant under the terms or in the rental agreement, PSC reserves the absolute right to repossess the vehicle at any time and without further announcement or request, but peacefully and in case of delay on the part of the tenant or any of these conditions, and the immediate payment of all costs is the responsibility of the tenant. Another option reserved for PSC is the right to report or declare the vehicle in question as carnapped or stolen or declared if the tenant does not voluntarily abandon the vehicle in question one day after the lease expires; i. All terms and conditions apply in accordance with the lease agreement. extend the initial duration of the rental – driving the vehicle under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other types of narcotics, transporting flammable or dangerous goods, as well as toxic, corrosive, radioactive or other pollutants – with anything that, due to its smell or condition, harms the vehicle or wastes time or money at YOKS, before being able to rent the vehicle again, – transporting live animals (except pets) – relocation or use by other people, – transporting passengers for hire or reward, – participation in rallies, competitions or events wherever they may have, – give driving lessons, – push or tow another vehicle – travel on unpaved roads or on the road , whose surface or repair condition could put the vehicle`s wheels in position, – internationally, committing any crime. – none of the goods and luggage carried in the vehicle, including packing and clutter equipment, shall damage the vehicle or cause the occupants to be in an abnormal danger – in any way, in violation of traffic laws, traffic laws or other laws. Online Digital, Print – Review: Your acceptance of the use of the self-car share Platform Contract prohibits you from taking any action that negatively impacts Pinewoods Service Corporation (SelfDrive.In) in the form of THE ACT OF DEFAMATION. Including, but not limited to Google (Google, reviews, photos), Facebook (post, reviews, potos, page) Twitter (review, post, photo), Reddit or any other form of social media or print media – reviews, cars, employees or desktop photos published online or on paper. The company reserves the right to take legal action and impose the FINE up to 5 rupee lakes, because it publishes negative comments and provokes customer-friendly feelings against the brand and tries to damage the company`s image. Anyone who threatens to damage the brand by creating and posting false reviews or photos will be prosecuted in law.

If the booking is cancelled 5 days before the date of the trip, an additional 10% will be refunded on the basic fee / Sub Total – the remaining balance. If the booking is cancelled 3 or 4 days before the date of the trip, then 50% refund – If the booking is cancelled 2 days before the date of the trip. Thereafter, no refund is made when the travel dates (departure or return) are cancelled or changed, or the duration or non-presentation. The booking is cancelled and no refund will be processed if the corresponding KYC documents are not submitted before the start of the rental.

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