State Data Sharing Agreements

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The Texas Education Agency manages the Texas Student Data System, a national platform for collecting, managing, sharing and sharing public educational data. The system has a dashboard that provides educators with timely and achievable information and metrics on student performance. The system has guidelines for data standards and data governance. In addition, training and case studies are proposed to support the adoption of good practices. Users receive a unique identifier for the protection of the privacy of students and educators before being publicly published in the Texas P-20 Public Education Information Resource, the state`s longitudinal data system, which allows shared use and coverage of trend data and outcomes for preschoolers at university. The Washington Education Research and Data Center has implemented a Memorandum of Understanding that defines how data is collected and shared among partners, with a strong focus on protecting the privacy of individuals. The centre brings together 11 partners, including other public agencies and non-profit organizations, to produce education and staff data to improve student performance and staff outcomes. Data sharing is a formal process in which public authorities that collect and manage administrative files, such as. B business income tax and unemployment insurance data, other government authorities and external researchers may have access to microdata within these data sets to support authorized activities. Did the state or any of its agencies have guidelines for data exchange and data exchange agreements – in accordance with strong data protection – with all non-profit organizations, academic institutions, local government authorities and/or federal authorities designed to improve the results of publicly funded programs, and did it make these policies and agreements publicly available? (For example, the Data Disclosure Directive, the Open Data Directive) A Connecticut executive order in 2014 motivated the state`s open data initiative. The mandate also established a formal open data policy, established a data advisory committee, created the position of chief data officer, and required all authorities to appoint an agency data manager. Because the microdata contained in administrative data contains personal data, the implementation of security measures to protect the leaked data is an important element of data sharing agreements.

Common security measures include: what are the guiding principles for successfully obtaining data exchange agreements? In a 2016 Michigan Executive Order, the Enterprise Information Management program was established, which established guidelines and protocols for data sharing, management and governance. As part of these efforts, Michigan has developed a national data exchange model to facilitate data exchange between authorities and departments. The executive order also requires the Director of the Department of Technology, Management and Budget to appoint a Chief Data Officer who “fulfills the powers, tasks, functions and responsibilities in the implementation of corporate information management.” Second, it avoids miscommunication by the data provider and the authority receiving the data by indicating that data usage issues are being addressed. Before the data is disclosed, the provider and recipient must speak in person or over the phone to discuss data sharing and data usage issues and reach a common communication, which will then be recorded in a data sharing agreement. Data exchange agreements must include access and dissemination provisions. It is not advisable to conclude a data exchange agreement in which information relating to the protection of

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