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Our employer-run training model is based on quality and sustainability with training that is part of everyday life. Employers help apprentices learn in the workplace and the assessment is done by evaluators in the workplace. A training agreement is not transferable to another apprentice or employer or training program. The transfer of the trainee is possible in different branches of the same employer. We feel so privileged to be able to support dedicated people like Kumari, who want to do their best to support their clients and the community. In order to improve Kumari`s practice as a Case Worker settlement, the Red Cross has included it in the Social Service Training program. If you work in social services, this could be a way to identify your skills and experience with a qualification recognized by the NZQA.…/ Wednesday, October 21, is “Thank Your Cleaner Day.” Think about what you can do. We salute the fantastic and often unnoticed and invisible work that New Zealand cleaners do day after day. It`s their day and we thank them. We advise you to show your esteem to your cleaners – perhaps leave a thank you note on your desk or shout if you are still at the office when they pass. Find out how to get involved and get some ideas to show your self-esteem. Here is some information that will help you start to stay engaged and motivated during your training.

When Lifewise Health and Disability was qualified for Level 4 health and wellness for its home care staff, there were positive results for workers, the clients who support them and the organization itself. “Employees are now taking a leadership role, caring for newcomers and contributing more,” says Evelyn Sharma, team leader for Homecare Worker. Learn how Lifewise and Careerforce have helped harness the potential of 18 caregivers on their training journey. As an Industry Training Organisation (ITO) for health and wellness, the social community and hygiene, we help jobs across New Zealand in implementing business training programs for their employees. Congratulations to all graduates of training in the sector, including our Marlborough Youth Trust graduates. Graduates were recognized at the recent Marlborough Industry Graduation. Well done, everybody! Our training is mainly managed by employers, but other providers can provide careerforce qualifications with NZQA accreditation. Congratulations to these diverse and recreational therapists from Summerset who have completed their training and training workshops. Legends! Registration fees for the training are only refunded if the intern ends within 3 months of the registration date and careerforce has been advised within 4 months of the start of training. Congratulations and thank you for the decision to train through industry or training in the workplace. The training contract ends for one of the following reasons: Thank you 100% Sweet Whanganui for organizing this fantastic event.

What a great celebration and recognition of the graduates of the industry.

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