Unanimous Agreement Prijevod

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Sectoral programs are adopted as part of the regular legislative process. For example, the Agriculture and Fisheries Council is working on legislative proposals for the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), the Competitiveness Council on internal market, research and space programmes. The European Council and the Council of the EU play a central role in the development of the EU`s long-term budget, which generally covers a period of five to seven years. The decision-making process behind the multi-year financial framework. The draft negotiating box brings together the elements most likely to serve the political orientation and priority to EU heads of state and government. The aim is to facilitate the development of draft conclusions of the European Council on the MFF presented by the President of the European Council. The MFF regulation is adopted as part of a specific legislative procedure: the Sector Council formations are responsible for working on EU funding programmes in the Council. Negotiations will begin a few years before the opening of the new budget period. The formal process begins with the European Commission`s presentation of the “Multi-Year Financial Package” (MFF). In particular, the package contains that the General Affairs Council is responsible for the work on the CFP package and that it is preparing what is known as the `negotiation package`.

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