Usda Blanket Purchase Agreement

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HOW COMMANDER PARMI THE BPAs: BPAs are accessible via GSA Advantage/USDA Advantage at Click on the Strategic Sourcing BPAs link on the left side of the page to access a wide range of office supplies. If you are interested in buying green office equipment, you can see all the items available in different environmental attributes in this hallway. For more information about the order, see INTRODUCTION: This Agricultural Acquisitions Regulation (AGAR) Advisory announces the availability of all government blanket purchase (BPA) agreements for office supplies and imposes their use, and the use of the USDAs AbilityOne Store, Paperclips etc. for all purchases of office supplies. This AGAR consultation cancels and replaces AGAR Advisory No. 46, USDA Blanket Purchase Agreement for Office Supplies. This Advisory is available in SUMMARY: The purpose of the AGAR Advisory is to inform the Department of Agriculture (USDA) that the General Services Administration has awarded 15 nuet purchase agreements (BPAs) for office supplies through the Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI). Thirteen of these EPS were allocated to small businesses.

The tutelage of these BPAs is a great opportunity for our agencies to achieve substantial savings and achieve socio-economic objectives at the department level. The agreements will save federal authorities $48 million a year on office supplies over the next four years and make it easier for agencies to obtain office supplies. Using the purchasing power of the federal market, the GSA Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative obtained discounted prices for all office supplies, including paper and toner. Under this EPS, rebates are increasing as agencies acquire more positions under EPS. As of January 3, 2011, all purchases from the Department of Agriculture will be required through the GSA Office Supply FSSI BPAs or the USDAs AbilityOne Supply Store, Paperclips etc.

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