Which Of The Following Is Not An Example Of A Legal Agency Agreement In Maryland

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When representing a buyer, seller, landlord, tenant or other client as a real estate agent, REALTORS® undertake to protect and promote the interests of their client. This obligation to the client is paramount, but it does not absolve REALTORS® of its obligation to treat all parties honestly. If realTORS serves a buyer, seller, landlord, tenant or other party in a non-agency property, REALTORS® requires all parties to treat them honestly. (Modified 1/01) [Hearing] REALTORS® cannot obtain buyer/tenant contracts from buyers/tenants subject to exclusive buyer/tenant contracts. However, at the request of a realtor® the broker refuses to disclose the expiry date of the exclusive tenant contract, REALTOR can contact the buyer/tenant® to insure this information and may discuss the terms under which REALTOR® can enter into a future buyer/tenant contract or, alternatively, enter into a buyer/tenant contract that will be effective after the expiry of an existing buyer/buyer contract. (Adopted 1/94, modified 1/98) Article 16 (Case Interpretations for Article 16) REALTORS® may not engage in any practice or take action inconsistent with exclusive representation or exclusive brokerage agreements between other REALTORS® with clients. (Modified 1/04) [Hearing] If REALTORS ® provide advisory services to clients who provide advice or advice for a fee (no commission), this consultation must be provided objectively and the costs do not depend on the content of the advice or legal assistance. If, in addition to consulting services, brokerage or transaction services are to be provided, separate compensation may be paid by prior appointment between the client and REALTOR®. (Adopted 1/96) The article 17 conciliation obligation includes disputes between REALTORS® (adjudicating entities) in different states, in different cases: without an established inter-communal arbitration agreement, REALTOR® (primary arbitrator) who seeks arbitration agrees to submit to the jurisdiction, to travel, in which he participates and is bound by an arbitral award resulting, carried out by the respondents` association in the ®, in cases where the respondent`s (s) realtor groups® finds that there is an arbitrator problem. (Adopted 1/07) Section 16 does not prevent REALTORS ® from making general announcements that describe their services and the terms of their availability, even if some recipients have agency agreements or other exclusive relationships with another REALTOR®. General telephone advertising, generalized mailing or distribution to all interested parties in a geographic area or profession, business, club or other group is considered “general” for the purposes of this Standard.

(Modified 1/04) the services provided by REALTORS ® their clients and clients must comply with the standards of practice and competence that are reasonably expected in the specific real estate disciplines in which they operate; in particular residential real estate intermediation, real estate management, real estate intermediation, real estate intermediation, real estate valuation, real estate consulting, real estate syndication, real estate auctions and international real estate.

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