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Important: Due to COVID-19, the 2019 personal income tax due date has been extended to July 15, 2020. We cannot set up instalment payment terms for your 2019 income tax until you have received a collection notice from NCDOR. To make payments before establishing a remittance contract, use the D-400V app. A remittance agreement is an agreement that allows the IRS or NCDOR to pay your tax obligations over time. A payment agreement in instalment cannot prevent the IRS or NCDOR from filing a tax lien. However, the filing of the tax lien can sometimes be avoided. If you meet the above requirements, please visit our Taxpayer Service Centre by clicking below to set up a payment plan. You must create an account and follow the on-screen instructions. If you do not meet the requirement, please contact an Income Officer at (860) 297-4936. When negotiating a instalment payment agreement, IRS or NCDOR treasury officers must inform taxpayers of certain information, including the need to be up to date with your reporting obligations to be eligible for such a remittance agreement. What are the requirements? What happens if I can`t make a payment? Why did I receive a collection notice? If the taxpayer believes that he or she cannot make payments according to the parameters specified by the Department, the taxpayer may provide additional information for verification. In other words, the taxpayer must fill out a form.

Specifically, individuals should use the Collection Information Statement for Individuals (Form RO-1062) and businesses should use the Collection Information Statement for Businesses (Form RO-1063). So, when you submit financial information to the North Carolina Department of Revenue, you may want to get help from a licensed tax professional. Keep in mind that taxpayers must receive official notice from N.C. The Department of Revenue must apply for a instalment payment agreement. If they have not yet received one, they can make payments on the Department of Revenue website. Murray Moyer, PLLC has experience securing payout agreements to meet federal and state tax obligations. If the IRS or NCDOR sends you notices and you can`t pay the tax liability, consider a instalment payment agreement as an alternative collection. If the taxpayer is unable to make a planned payment, or if a payment is reimbursed to the Department by the taxpayer`s bank or financial institution, the taxpayer`s consent is in default….

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